Thursday, May 22, 2014

Galt Update: May 22, 2014

New stuff:

1) New: Search Moved
Search has been relocated to the top of the Market and Member columns. This makes it easier to locate and use.

Next Step: we’ll add sort functionality soon.

2) New: Cause Dividends Sync
Previously, when you made multiple purchases of shares in a cause, it would create different blocks of shares that dividends were paid out on (example: if you bought 10 shares, then bought 10 more 4 hours later, you would have to return every 4 hours to collect each block).

Now, when you purchase the first block, the dividend will be available in 8 hours. any additional purchases within the 8 hours will be added to the next 8 hour cycle and all your shares in a cause will be synced.

3) New: Avatar Selector
If you decide to change your Avatar you now have more information when making your selection. Go to your Profile and click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Avatar element. Scroll through to make your selection - click the Update button to make it stick.


  1. Thanks for staying on top of all these fixes - I appreciate the enormity of the task! Please consider allowing the the description field in each cause to be searchable. It would make finding the right causes and other members much easier.

  2. Good thought - I'll add it to the Featured Request list. Thanks.

  3. Sweet! That dividend sync will be awesome. You guys rock!

  4. This is going great! I do think a little symbol next to our stocks that have dividends ready would be helpful when viewing our list of stocks ... it grows tough to keep track of which ones have been collected already! Thanks!

  5. Thanks - we're trying hard.

    As for the suggestion - great idea. We're working on something to make ownership status more obvious.

  6. Is there a chance sometime in the future to add a subsidiary (split) to your cause if we want to focus them into different areas?

  7. Great Feature Request! I've added it to the list.

    Just so you know, on you can add Feature Requests as well. Might be a better way to ensure it gets addressed and into the system. Just know we try to listen to all sources of input - the support ticket just happens to be a bit more process oriented.

  8. I need to get a cause of my own started. How soon can I do that? JANNAL

  9. Thanks for the interest! To get started you'll need to get invited to join - a current member must invite. More information here: