Friday, May 30, 2014 Update for May 30, 2014

New Features/Enhancements

  • Market and Member List Performance
    We implemented “lazy load” to the Market and Member lists. This function allows the list to load in sections as you scroll - when the scrollbar touches the bottom of the screen more Causes/Members display automatically speeding up initial load time (especially important for those of you on slower connections).
  • Negative Coin Balance Warning
    You will now be warned if you do not have enough Galtcoins to complete an action you are about to take (example: buying shares in a cause, creating a cause). While the warnings may not be pretty, they are functional and their appearance will improve in a future release.
  • Missions
    When you complete a Mission, you now receive the Mission Award. If you’ve previously completed the task in the Mission, you will be awarded the Galtcoins immediately. The Mission Award displays in your Transactions (found when you click your Galtcoin balance).

    Heads up: the Invite New Members Mission will be going away soon. If you haven’t built your army, you will still be able to invite new members, but the Mission award of 50 Galtcoins will likely change or be replaced.

Bug Fixes

  • Dividend Collection
    Your Galtcoin balance now updates in realtime. For example: When Dividends are collected, your Galtcoin balance will refresh automatically. This type of action will be unrolled throughout the system as new features are added.
  • Cause Price Display
    New display logic was implemented to ensure the displayed cause share price matches the buy share price.

Coming Soon

  • Posts, Messages, Notifications & Feeds, oh my!
    We are currently testing the new member-to-member and member-to-cause communication features that will be released next week. We think you will be amazed! We previously told you about this and referred to it as message center...but it’s so much more than that. The people we have shown the initial functionality to have been blown away. Jason even said…”this might be bigger than the launch itself”. We hope you like it as much as we do.

    We will send you an update once it’s available. Just a heads up: we’re still in beta so while we are doing everything we can to make it “perfect” we know you’ll find all new ways to use it (and break it) that we didn’t think of. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear what you think (and/or bugs you find).

Tips & Tricks

  • Invite Your Army
    Don’t forget to invite new members and earn 25 Galtcoins for each person that joins. This is a great way to increase your army of supporters and increase your Galtcoin balance (at least for now) - particularly helpful for players without a lot of extra Galtcoins. Go to your profile to locate the Invite New Member link.
  • Account Registration
    If you're a Founding Member but haven’t completed your account registration, it's not too late. Please go to - use your email address and password you used to create your crowdfunding pledge and go through the Founding Member Initiation (there’s a password reset option if you’ve forgotten).


  1. Need Cause-to-Shareholder communication (you mention member-to-cause communication above), or is that part of what's coming?

  2. Not sure where to send a support ticket to. Can't collect on my causes.

  3. Please click the "Support" link in the footer of to submit a support ticket.

    And just so you know, the dividend collect issue was resolved last night. Thanks!

  4. Hi John - I would like a clarification of how to use the cause link to promote our cause. Is this a link we can post out on social media i.e. Twitter, Craig's List, et al? I don't have an 'army' to invite as I am in process of rebuilding my life after years of caring for, then losing, my husband to illness. I need to rely on good old fashioned marketing. Any suggestions?

  5. Your cause link is the URL for your cause. Example: (replace "WWJD" with your cause symbol). You can share this with anyone. Just remember that to access the page the visitor must be a member.

  6. I need an invitation to join someone please help me