Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Galt.io Update: May 20, 2014 at 4:50pm | John Galt Reporting

New updates to Galt.io.

The big ones:
1) Bug Fix: Galt.io is viewable through mobile browsers.
We have fixed this for the time being - while we know it’s not perfect. We continue to work on creating a permanent solution but this will get our mobile browser users in.

Helpful note: When viewing Causes on a mobile browser, click on the Cause in the list - it will display below the list. Scroll down to see it (we know it’s a long scroll but it’s worth it).

2) Bug Fix: Edit cause now actually updates!
Cause owners reported that edits to their Causes weren’t saving - we’ve fixed that so edit away!

3) Bug Fix: Cause sold out displayed 10GS/share - no shares available at that price
This was updated. Now when Causes are sold out, the last sale price displays. You may still not be able to buy it (until someone decides to sell, that is) but you will know what the price was.

4) New: Change Password button
You can now change your password from your profile.

5) Bug Fix: Email Notifications
Several people reported they were not receiving our Password Reset Email Notifications. We have fixed this so virtually all notifications should get through. To be on the safe side, ensure john@galt.io is in your contact list and check your spam filter just in case.

This fix allows us to create more ways to communicate other notifications throughout the system - things like cause updates, dividends ready to collect and many others. We will be rolling these out over time so having the email issue resolved really helps accelerate this process.

6) New: FAQ
We added a direct link to the footer for our Frequently Asked Questions. Visit http://support.galt.io/support/solutions/folders/1000139074 to view the list - start a support ticket if your question isn’t answered there. We add to this list almost daily.

And finally, a word about Support Tickets
We’re working hard to address your requests as quickly as possible. We’ve resolved over 200 tickets since last Wednesday’s launch. If you are awaiting a reply, thank you for your patience. We’re working on them in the order they came in.


  1. It's good to know you guys are working out the kinks. Thanks a lot for the hard work! I'm currently a college student majoring in computer science and web design. I hope I get to work on a project as unique as this one some day. : )

  2. I am seeing causes that are not conservative nor libertarian, any way to flush this bacteria out of galt.io

  3. It's a free market - if you don't agree with a Cause, don't support it. If the community doesn't agree with the Cause, it will die.

  4. Haha Brian. Not that I wouldn't enjoy that, but I doubt they have the time to deal with an intern since they're so busy working on making this community work. Although, I spent time as an Intel analyst in the military so I don't mind night shifts. Just sayin'...