Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Galt.io Update: June 24, 2014

John Galt Reporting
New Filter Options added to Market and Members
We’ve added new ways to locate a cause or a member with new filter options.
In the Market, filter Causes using the following criteria:
  • Valuation = Last Sale Price * Shareholders
  • Daily Growth % = Percentage of valuation growth since the previous day or last valuation change
  • Daily Growth # = Growth in Galtcoin value since the previous day or last valuation change
  • Shareholders = Number of shareholders in a cause
  • Share Price = Share price of the last sale
  • Symbol (alphabetically) = Symbol of the cause displayed alphabetically
In Members, filter Aliases using the following criteria:
  • Galtcoins = Galtcoin balance
  • Causes Founded = The number of causes created by the member
  • Alias (alphabetically) = List of Aliases displayed alphabetically
Sort the filter results to display ascending or descending.
To use the filters:
  1. Click into Market or Members
  2. Click the Funnel-shaped icon in the upper left cornerFiler Icon
  3. The Market/Member Filter window will open allowing you to select the criteria you would like to filter by
  4. Select a sort order (descending or ascending)
  5. Click Apply to apply the filter
Please note: The last cause you were viewing prior to applying the filter will continue to display once you click the Apply button. The filtered results display in the left column.

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