Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Galt.io Update: Cause Earnings Filter Added

John Galt Reporting
Cause Earnings Filter Added
You can now filter Market search results by Cause Earnings. This filter displays Cause Symbols in order of Cause Earnings (the total amount of earnings the Cause has generated) - either ascending or descending.
To use this new filter, click the Funnel-shaped icon in the upper left corner to access all the filters.
 Filter Icon
Select "Cause Earnings" and choose Ascending or Descending from the dropdown.

"I Voted" Icon
Also added recently was an “I Voted” icon. It provides a visual cue that you have cast vote(s) on an Update already.
I Voted icon


  1. It would be lovely if we could sort the causes that we own by those that have dividends due, activity or new members. Having to click on all of them to find out if there has been any activity is a pain. If we can't sort them, then highlight those that have new activity so we can avoid those that haven't. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the input - I'll add your thoughts to the Feature Request list.