Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Latest Update Huge Success; Now The Game Really Begins

Tyler Durden Reporting


  • Vote Early, Vote Often
    Voting - Up or Down - allows you to collect dividends. Any vote you make on an update creates earnings for the cause (up or down). You no longer have to wait for an 8 hour set time period. Staying involved in the most active causes allows you to collect Dividends as fast as the votes come in. By investing in votes, you are not only building equity in the cause but just as importantly rewarding good authors and discouraging bad ones.
  • The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
    Members can now add updates to ANY cause they own shares in. If you have something great to add, a“current events” update, or even appropriate criticism, you now earn Galtcoins for every Up vote your updates gets once it is live. And writing these updates also adds earning to the cause, regardless of the vote tally.
  • Corporations (and Causes) are People
    Now that causes have earnings, they are entities unto themselves and wield great power. Being a major shareholder in good, active causes gives Members the power to influence what the Cause does and allows other members to see your updates once they’re live (and gives them HUGE dividends).
  • Milk your Cash Cow
    If you own shares in a super-active cause, strap in and hold on for the ride. Since you no longer have to wait for time to pass, stay involved, vote and add updates. Active causes mean Members return by the minute and if you double down by posting updates in addition to voting and collecting dividends on earnings, you’ll get rich quick. (sorry to those ‘stagnant’ causes created by Founders solely for their own benefit, dividends may be a long time coming).
  • It Takes a Village
    Now that Causes are collaborative and ownership is limited (i.e., 40% rule), it truly takes a community of motivated Members to make a Cause go. Causes that have their shareholders rally around them will be the “rising tide that lifts all boats”.


  • Read ALL Updates
    If the title is blue, it is not read. Expand by clicking the title. Mark read by clicking the blue “Read Update” button (be sure to read the Update when it loads).
  • Don’t forget about “Pending”
    In the Updates box, you can switch between Live, Pending and My Updates by using the pull-down menu. You must read all Live and Pending Updates before collecting your dividend.
  • Voting, Sliders and Number Keys
    To cast your vote, you can select the number of shares you vote with by using the slider (best for all or one vote(s)) or just plug in the number of votes you want into the number box with your keyboard. Each vote invests a coin into the Cause earnings and also pays the Author of the Update for good work.
  • Author Earnings (limited downside)
    Authors earn coins for votes ONLY on LIVE UPDATES. Once an Update goes below 1,000 votes, it is moved to pending and no longer earns (or loses) Galtcoins for the author.
  • We really shouldn't - but we will....
    We like our members to figure out the strategies of Galt.io, but here’s a hint on one: all you need to collect dividends is for your current earnings to reach your respective earnings threshold, so should you really accumulate more earnings than you need before collecting dividends?


  1. Folks, this is NOT going Galt; this is going NYSE or WoW Auction House or some other game. What happened to rhe exchange of goods & services for currency (ie:a storage form of goods & services)? When I bought-in I thought I was effectively sponsoring activism to thwart big government and its intrusion into our lives and pockets. What I purchased appears to be virtual currency in some simulation, with rules that have zero to do with real world outcomes. I want to go Galt on Galt.io.com...please return my RL currency.

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