Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Member Profiles

Galt.io Update: August 26, 2014 | John Galt Reporting

The Galt.io Profile has been completely redone providing you more information and more options.

What’s Changed?
Several things. This update addresses several critical requests from Members including:

You can now edit your Alias, Avatar, Email Address and Location in one place. Password Reset is available whenever you wish.

We’ve also heard that you want more details about your holdings. To address this we now display a Member’s Net Worth, Galtcoin balance and Portfolio of holdings. Additionally, we’ve consolidated all Income sources so you can see how much you’ve collected in Dividends, Author Earnings and Invitations Earnings in one spot.

The number 1 requested feature - having the ability to cancel pending sell orders - is now available. You can now review all your sell orders and cancel the ones you no longer want. (Please note: there is a cancellation fee of one Galtcoin per share in the cancelled sell order.)

Want to know the value of the Causes you’ve founded? We’ve got you covered. And to set the stage for future communication tools, we’ve added easy ways to see who’s following you, who you follow and how many of your invitations have been accepted.

Lastly, with Updates being more and more important to Galt.io, an entire section lists all the Updates you’ve added and allows you to monitor author earnings for each one.

New Layout
With the large increase in the amount of information available, we’ve implemented an accordion-style menu with individual panels displaying details and allowing greater interaction with your account.

  • Account Information
    Review and Change your Alias, Avatar, Email Address, and Location. You can also reset your password.
  • Net Worth
    Displays your total Net Worth.
  • Galtcoins
    Displays your Galtcoin balance and transaction list (Date, Transaction Amount and Event)
  • Portfolio
    Displays the total number of shares you own as well as their value. Includes a list of your holdings broken down by Cause and Shares.
  • Income
    Displays the amount of Dividends, Author Earnings and Invitations Earnings you've collected to date.
  • Sell Orders
    Displays your Sell Orders and allows you to cancel pending orders.
  • Causes
    Displays the Causes you have founded. Includes the Cause's total shares, Market Cap and Last Selling Price as well as your Holdings and Value.
  • Followers
    Displays who is Following you.
  • Following
    Displays who you are Following.
  • Invitations
    Displays the number of Invitations you've created as well as a list of each invitation so you can track who's accepted.
  • Updates
    Displays the Updates you've added to Causes as well as the amount of Author Earnings you've collected.
To access your new profile, click your Alias in the top menu bar.

More Details
To learn more about the individual panels in the Profile, please visit http://support.galt.io/support/solutions/articles/1000118214

Thank you for your input
These changes are a direct result of the hundreds of feature requests we’ve received. Our thanks for your help identifying tools that will help you participate more fully in Galt.io.

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