Friday, March 13, 2015

Message from Jason & Now TV! Update for March 13, 2015

In this Update…

Message from Jason
Friends, you get the government you deserve.

After a lot of hard work, we have launched’s Mission feature with a topic of major concern to me: the upcoming MN gas tax hike Governor Mark Dayton and Democratic leaders are pushing. Not only will this Mission make a huge difference in Minnesota politics, but it will set the stage for all the other Missions that you, the member, will be able to create all over the country.

That’s why it’s so important for you to support this Mission--not only to see how the process works, but to show your political adversaries what’s in store for them very soon. Let us all push back against this overreach into our wallets by gather support, financial and otherwise, for

This Mission is historic and will be the first to show the power that grassroots efforts combined with’s new technology can have. No where else can you allocate where you want your support to go by working with vendors who will compete (by submitting ‘spending proposals’ you see on the Mission) for your hard earned dollar. In short, we put the donor in charge, not the special interests.

It’s also crucially important that you sign the petition and share this Mission with your friends - both critical steps to its success. And you’ll see that we’ve made that very easy to do.

As mentioned, soon YOU will have the opportunity to start your own Mission but first we need your help on this one to perfect the process. If every member contributed just $25 we’d fully fund this Mission in the time remaining and soon the airwaves and billboards would be filled with OUR message, not our political adversaries.

Let me be blunt, after 25 years of preaching to the choir, I left talk radio to do this. To help devise a system that puts the average citizen in control and let’s them reach out beyond the echo chambers so that everyone can hear the message of peace and prosperity.

Now it’s up to you, so go to and do your part. After all, you get the government you deserve.

TV Ad Spending Proposal Added
A Jon Foss Productions and Hubbard Broadcasting Television package has been added as a spending proposal to the STOP MN GAS TAX HIKE Mission.

TV Ad Spending Proposal added to STOP MN GAS TAX HIKE Mission

 Want to see this Mission on TV? Fund it today!

Read more details at:

Billboard Sample Design
We’ve posted an image of a sample billboard design in the STOP MN GAS TAX HIKE Mission.

Visit to see what this campaign could look like.

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