Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Real World Impact Is Here - First Mission Launched!

Galt.io Update

Jason Lewis Reporting

Today Galt.io enters a brave new world by creating the opportunity for its members to fundamentally change the status quo with the launch of our first Mission. As promised, this new phase is guaranteed to have a profound impact on the real world of politics.

Once we have some experience and make inevitable tweaks, Galt.io members will the have ability to add their OWN Missions. For those who have slaved away earning Galtcoins, creating Missions will indeed put those coins to good use. For now, however, I’ve started the first mission dedicated to Stop the MN Gas Tax Hike and it’s ready to gather support at  https://galt.io/missions.

Here’s How to Support A Mission

  1. Contribute funds toward a goal
  2. Sign a Petition
  3. Share the Mission on social media, use the URL or embed to grow support.

As mentioned, soon you’ll be able to start your own mission and gather funds and support for your issue. Submitted spending proposals will show how funds will be used and allow members to direct how their contributions will be spent. Additional proposals will be added over time so it’s important to visit the Mission frequently.

Contributions will not go into a black hole; if none of the spending proposals meet their goal, we will refund contributions made to the Mission.

This first Mission is crucial as it will provide an example as to how powerful Galt.io Missions can be. It includes spending proposals from vetted contractors (some you already know) and once we open up the system, future contractors will have the ability to register with Galt.io and serve as a resource to members who create their own Mission.

Petitions and sharing are very important no-cost features that will spread the word about the Mission, grow membership, and help it succeed. You can share with anyone in the world via social media or email the Mission’s URL. You can even embed your mission on the website of your choice.

Today’s launch is a reminder of how important the Galt.io community is to the success of our network. While we had always intended to empower our members, your input was invaluable as we designed this new Mission phase in order to create real world change.

So now, the success of this Mission, as well as future ones, is up to you. This is YOUR opportunity to see the kind of political campaign that you’ve always wanted. So please do the following to ensure this first crucial Mission is a success:

  1. Visit https://galt.io/missions to support the Stop the MN Gas Tax Hike Mission
  2. Contribute funds
  3. Sign the Petition
  4. And probably the most important - Share the Mission on Facebook, Twitter, email or any other method you so choose - the more the merrier

Friends, it won’t be long until you see that billboard, yard sign--or hear that broadcast spot--that says, “Paid for by Galt.io Pac, as directed by its members.”

Thank you for moving with us into Galt.io Phase Two. We welcome your thoughts - visit http://support.galt.io to submit a support ticket.

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