Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Mission Reaches First Goal Update April 1, 2015
John Galt Reporting

The NoGasTax Mission has reached the first goal - of hopefully many - by receiving pledges exceeding one of the spending proposal. Funding is now over $3,600 for the Mission which means at least one spending proposal (Digital Billboard) will be funded.

This is no time to stop funding, though, as the Mission’s total goal is not yet met. Pledging continues until April 15, 2015. And while the amount currently pledged will ensure a digital billboard will soon be sharing the Mission’s message, the amount allocated needs to be higher so all the proposals can share the message.

For those who have already pledged, thank you. Remember that you can, and should, go back and pledge more if you support the Mission. And also remember you can change your allocations if something new has become available since you make your initial pledge.

We encourage everyone to take another look at the NoGasTax Mission and support it so more proposals - such as TV, Radio, Bus and Newspaper Ads - can be funded. All successfully funded proposals will help the Mission to "Stop the MN Gas Tax Hike".

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