Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All #NoGasTax Ads Available

The ads paid for by the Stop MN Gas Tax Hike Mission are available. Now it's up to you to help make this campaign successful!

Billboard Ad
The billboard ad is displaying on 2 digital billboards. One - the closest to the State Capital - is in St Paul while the other is on the heavily-traveled I-494 near the Airport/Mall of America.

These boards will display at these locations through the rest of this week with another 2 boards scheduled to start displaying next Monday in 2 new locations.

Billboard Design and Location Display Map

Visit to see the final design and location map detail.

Be sure to check these billboards out during your commute - and tell your friends that you helped make them happen with your contribution to this mission!

Radio and TV Ads
Both the radio and TV ads are posted on

Listen to the Stop the MN Gas Tax Hike Radio Ad featuring Jason Lewis

View the Stop the MN Gas Tax Mission TV Ad featuring Jason Lewis

Since the fundraising goal to broadcast over the air was not met, it is now up to you to help get the message out. Share it with your friends, post it on Facebook, Tweet it to your followers, post the link on blogs you comment on, embed the mission on your website. Share the message any way you can think of. Every share helps.

Here is your chance to make real impact by sharing the ads. Go to and click SHARE to make a difference.

Thank you to all who supported this Mission.

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